It is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us! With the change in seasons comes a change in the real estate market so it is time to get your home ready. There is a common misconception that selling your home around the holidays is a bad idea. In my opinion, there is no “right” or “wrong” time to sell your home if you prepare correctly. Here are four tips to help you successfully sell your home this holiday season.

1.) Avoid Over-Decorating

Nothing turns off buyers more than a home decorated so much it looks like it belongs in Santa’s Village. You also don’t want your holiday decorations to show in those beautiful, high-resolution photos that will be used in all of your home’s marketing material. However, there’s no need to keep all the holiday cheer packed away. I’m not The Grinch! I always recommend that sellers hold off on decorating until after all the photos and marketing is completed. After that, choose a few tasteful decorations to bring some holiday cheer to your house.  A tree is fine as long as it doesn’t take up too much space in your place.

2.) Set Your Showing Availability

The holidays mean parties, family-gatherings and dinners with friends so your schedule is bound to be busy. If you know that you are hosting certain events or Aunt Alice and her 6 cats are coming to stay with you for a few days in December, communicate with your agent and let them know what days and times work for showings. Buyers become frustrated when they request showings that constantly get denied because the time is inconvenient for the seller. If you let your agent know your schedule ahead of time, it will help streamline the showings and get your home sold faster!

3.) Price Your Home Correctly

Although the pool of buyers is smaller, people looking to purchase around the holidays tend to be more serious about finding a home quickly. To ensure your home comes out on top, work with your agent to appropriately price your home to sell. If you overprice your home, you run the risk of sitting on the market and being overshadowed by newer listings that come on after the holidays. If you price it right from the beginning, buyers will take notice!

4.) Dial Up the Ambiance

Don’t over-decorate for the holidays but don’t be afraid to dial up the ambiance either. Buyers love a home that feels comfortable, especially in the winter. The holidays are the perfect excuse for sellers to really lean into those cozy-vibes. Turn on the Michael Bublé holiday album, spark up the fireplace and have some gingerbread cookies on the counter for buyers to munch on while they take their tour. If a buyer makes an emotional connection with your home, they are more likely to make an offer.